1985 brought the fourth BLRG Restaurant on board.  Capriccio Ristorante, our Italian specialty Restaurant, delivered authentic regional Italian cooking. Capriccio was named “Pasta Restaurant of the Year” by the Pasta Institute of America. In November of 1990, Capriccio was closed for a major renovation, and in August of 1991 it reopened as Pricci, with a new name and a new look. 


Piero Premoli

Executive Chef, Pricci

Chef Piero Premoli is a native of Milan, Italy, and has been surrounded by fine food his entire life. His passion and attention to detail have made significant contributions to each restaurant where he has worked, from Milan, Paris, and London to Miami, New York, and now Atlanta. Piero’s mother, maternal grandfather, and paternal grandmother all worked in hospitality and culinary industries, allowing him to learn every aspect of the business from such an early age. Cooking has always been a family affair, so at the age of fourteen, Piero began his formal culinary training at Milan’s Amerigo Vespucci, where he earned his degree as well as an additional degree in hotel and tourism management.

After earning his degree, Piero worked as an apprentice throughout Europe, most notably at Tempiadoro in Milan and at L’Assemblee Nationale in Paris. A sense of adventure and intense love of sailing brought Piero across the Atlantic and to Miami via the Atlantic Race Columbus (1991). In Miami, Piero began his culinary career in the United States. Piero first worked as a sous chef under Master Chef Antonio Tettamanzi at Osteria del Teatro. From there, Piero traveled up the east coast with executive positions in Atlanta at Mezzaluna, in Atlantic City at the Trump Taj Mahal, and on to New York City at Café Fiorello’s. Upon his arrival back in Atlanta in 2001, Piero met restaurateur Pano Karatassos and accepted a position as a corporate consultant with the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group.

Piero assumed the helm at Buckhead Life Restaurant Group’s Pricci in May 2005. Known for his tireless work ethic and contagious passion for food, Piero’s emphasis on technique, cleanliness, and research result in delicate and flavorful Italian cuisine. He takes great pride in introducing his guests to the variety of cuisines apparent in the various regions of his home country. Piero also embraces the role of teacher with young chefs and has implemented an exchange program between great kitchens in Northern Italy and Buckhead Life kitchens.

Regular visits to Italy allow Chef Piero to keep up-to-date on Italian culinary trends and to develop and maintain relationships with trusted suppliers. He also uses these trips to uncover sources for exciting and unique products, often featured on the menu at Pricci. His attention to Italian authenticity was rewarded in 2006 when the Accademia Italia della Cucina, an esteemed Italian Cultural Institution dedicated to preserving authentic Italian cuisine around the world, awarded the Recognition of Excellence Pricci. Pricci is the only restaurant in Atlanta with this designation.

Chef Piero also regularly engages in chef exchange programs with different regions in Italy. Chefs from Atlanta work in Italian kitchens and bring back the latest trends in Italian cuisine, and chefs from Italy come to Atlanta and learn the restaurant business with Chef Piero. The exchange program helps to keep Pricci’s menu fresh and completely authentic.

Piero lives in Buckhead with his wife Kimberly and children Georgia and Pierpaolo. In his free time, he enjoys sailing, cycling, traveling to exotic places, and tending to his herb, flower and vegetable gardens.

- Recent Awards -

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“Atlanta’s Top 25 Restaurants”
Atlanta Business Chronicle

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“100 Hottest Restaurants”
Jezebel Magazine

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“Award of Excellence”
Wine Spectator

  • “Expert’s Choice Award” Trip Expert
  • “Certificate of Excellence” Trip Advisor
  • “100 Hottest Restaurants” Jezebel Magazine
  • “Certificate of Excellence” Trip Advisor’s
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  • “Choice for Atlanta’s Best Italian Restaurant” Jezebel Magazine

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